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Isn’t it annoying when your nail pulls a thread in your favourite pair of tights - only to then discover that they’re longer being made! We want to make sure your hosiery lasts for as long as possible, so we’ve created a list of useful women's hosiery care tips.

Sharp Objects 

Try to keep sharp edges out of contact from tights (e.g. chipped nails, rings, jewellery etc).

Rubber Gloves 

Wearing rubber gloves are a good option when putting on your hosiery. Gather each leg at the ankle; smooth over the foot and gently up the leg. Don't pull or jerk. Hands should work from front to back of your leg, pulling each leg equally to stretch yarns simultaneously and ensuring a smooth appearance. Hosiery should be taken off equally gently. 


Certain areas are particularly prone to accidents when putting on and wearing. These areas are frequently strengthened to extend the life of products for example reinforced toes and brief.


Using a moisturiser on both your hands and feet can stop your hosiery snagging on rough skin.

Washing Hosiery 

Ideally wash your hosiery by hand or an easy alternative is to wawash by machine on a cool wash, in a hosiery washbag. Dry away from direct heat and never iron.


How to Put on Pantyhose

Here are some suggestions on how to wear your pantyhose for the smoothest look possible.


  • o    1 Handle the hose gently. It is easy to tear the nylon by pulling too hard or by snagging the material on a fingernail.
  • o    2 Lightly apply some lotion to your legs first to make them smooth.
  • o    3 Gather up one leg at a time and gently align your toes with the seams.
  • o    4 Pull up the hose very gently over your leg up to your thigh, fitting it tightly. Be sure not to yank it or you will tear the hose. Repeat with the next leg.
  • o    5 Stretch up both legs and the material up to its waistband. Press down to smooth any bumps that you might have and then stand up straight. The fit should be form-fitting but comfortable.